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Cheap vehicle speed camera with Raspberry Pi

4 minute read

Many people that live on or near busy streets share a similar concern: “Everyone drives too fast here.” I hear it constantly from families with kids on my st...

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4 Types of Cyclists in Film and Television

3 minute read

Popular culture casts an ugly shadow on anyone riding a bike for something other than a romantic roll by the beach. We paint bike commuters either as greasy ...

Managing Hardware Engineering in a Pandemic

6 minute read

March 2020 was a remarkable month. My company was making great strides in the early weeks. We were fortunate to close another round of funding and operating ...

Hello world!

4 minute read

Why am I here? Why are you here? Why do good questions come in threes? I’ve found it difficult in 2020 to do the level of self-reflection I typically do each...

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